Fieldnotes Assignment

IMG_1769Scene 1:

The first scene is the second floor of the atrium. Pictures of close up flowers line the wall. Lights above the pictures are able to highlight the pictures along the walls. I sit here looking around trying to not be seen as a weird person. The people who are here are either on their computers, typing away either about a paper or just to past time while they wait for the next class. There are people on the floor since there are not that many seats available or they didn’t want to sit next to a random person that they do not know. Some of the chairs have two seat handles on them, while others only have one. Also different circular round tables that students, including myself can put up our feet. Next to me a hear  different educational students talking about what happened in their class they had last period. They start to gossiping to other students about what happened. They use names of people that I know of due to being part of different clubs on campus and used to being the educational department. I hear that one girl had this breakdown in the middle of class. She probably felt very overwhelmed in the class and didn’t understand the assignment. Just downstairs, I hear the food workers calling out the orders so the students can pick up their meals. “Cinnamon Raisin, Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese, Sourdough and Peanut Butter” and others. The espresso machine that steams the milk keeps squealing every time it is being used. The girl straight across from me has her feet up in the chair, crossed while she plays on her phone. I can tell she is on Instagram due to her constant scrolling and the double tapping every five seconds. She switches back and forth from texting to using the other apps that are on her iPhone. Under me, I keep hearing all the different conversations that different students are having. One boy is talking about a different finance guy and calling him bolanie. Another student is talking in their native language to their friends. Another is talking about her sister. After not paying attention to the girl in the chair for a while, I notice that she is now closed her eyes and fallen asleep in the chair, but awakens when she receives a text and soon after she receives that texts, she falls right back to sleep.


Scene 2:

When I come into the classroom, different students like to talk and have conversations with each other. People that are friends talk about how they don’t do anything in another class, while others talk about what the midterm might look likes next week. Our desks in the class are in a U shaped. Our teacher loves to use the space he has while teaching the class. I can easily look outside the windows and see my car. I keep checking every 5 minutes to see if Public Safety will give me another ticket. A distraction from where I sit in the class is that I always look at the clock that is on the back wall. As the class starts, the students put away all their technological devices. The teacher then starts a review of the last time we meet and different students volunteer themselves to answer the questions the teacher arises. Some answers can attract different students to be taken about or agree with what different students say. We all write down what the teacher has to say when he writes on the whiteboard. There are different students in the back that seems disinterested and bored. The people next to me decide to have side conversations with each other and takes each other notes. When one of them leaves the room, the other keeps taking the notes and when they come back, that person gets the notes from that person.

Assignment 3:
I sit in my classroom and decide to pick out the girl who is straight across from me on to describe her hair. The girl in my class has a North Face hat on.It is a navy/jean jacket colored hat. She has this brownish/goldish hair. She seemed as she this athletic, but sorority type of girl by the way she dressed. She seems confident in herself by the way she is dressed and carries herself. She takes her academic seriously and participates in class. She understands the material that we are covering throughout class. Though she seems bored at times. She likes to  look around the classroom when the teachers talking. With her hair, it this straight but has some wave into it. Maybe it is like that because it is the end of the day and how the weather is outside. That could be a reason why she is wearing that hat. She also has minimal makeup on. For me, I try to stay away from creating attention. I just go to class because I am paying for it. I never truly try to put in a effort when I’m going to class due to I am there to learn and not look like a model at 8am, when no one is around. Some girls think it is a contest every day in class. I can never understand why some girls would do that at all.  

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