Dare to Dodge

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What is dodgeball? We all remember playing it during our years on the schoolyard of our elementary school. Possibly getting it banned for your grade level because every time the class played the game, people would keep getting hurt even when they were light balls. Or even when it became a competition in your high school gym class and your dreaded playing it since you didn’t want to be slammed by the ball. That was because some students would like to go too hard in gym class. In high school, we called it Survivor Ball. If you didn’t want to get hit in the face, you took the option to walk the stairwells by the gym. Or you know the sport due to the Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn comedy movie, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. I know that I still watch that movie every time it is on TV.  But I truly never realized how big of a sport it was. There are many competitions with different leagues competing for fun or even for money. I remember that ten years ago, there was even a game show on Game Show Network that had actual teams competing for a trophy.

But there are very specific rules and regulations of dodgeball, which is something I never really understood. Luckily, one of my best friends is in a dodgeball league and welcomed the idea of me following her and her team throughout the winter/spring league. My friend plays with her team against 5 other teams in the league that has men and woman, young and old, to all body types and skill levels.

I’ll start out finding more about dodgeball, what are the rules and regulations. Next find out, why some people do this sport. Maybe find out about other similar games of dodgeball that is played throughout the world. From that on, being able to catch a couple games in action. I can capture different games with my video camera and professional camera and I can receive the sounds of the game through an audio recorder. Who know, I might get to play in a couple rounds myself. 

I can see local sport news agency covering what I’m investigating. But you never know, it could grow bigger throughout the semester. The great thing about dodgeball is that this game is played around the world in my eyes. There are some kids out there in the world right now that are playing this game. I know with this investigation project, I am finding another sport to fall in love with!

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