The Interview Process

This is my interview process I am following through with the video interview I am doing.

  • The interview specifics: who you’ll be interviewing (first names are just fine), where, when, and why you are interviewing this particular person
    • For the interview, I am interviewing Shannon. She is an Audubon, NJ native who is a student at Rowan University. She is studying to be a history teacher. I am interviewing her at SJU to make her and myself feel comfortable. She is not an SJU student, but she knows the area well. I am interviewing her because she is in a dodgeball league right now. She been one of the key team players for her team. The great thing that she uses to her advantage is her arm. As a softball player growing up, she uses that her advantage while taking out different opponents that face her.
  • How you plan to use oral history interview techniques to approach the interview (cite the texts)
    • I do want her to feel as comfortable when giving this interview. This is the typical interview you are having when doing a project. There aren’t questions, you are covering different topics. Also I need to remember to take the lead in the interview. I need to be assertive and not feel nervous or scared going into it. I need to go in with listening what she has to say and show that in the final project. I want to have this authentic aspect to the story. I don’t want her to feel like she has to put on a front when she is telling her story. We will never be truly prepared when going into a interview because we do not know what will be coming out of that persons mouth.  
    • “Oral sources tell us not just what people did, but what they wanted to do, believed they were doing, and what they now think they did”  (Portelli, page 36
      • I want to keep this quote in my head while interviewing Shannon. This quote will help me during the interview. It will help me conduct and focus on what I want to accomplish with this interview.
  • The main topics you hope to cover in the interview (no questions; topics)
    • I hope to cover her own history in sports. She has been an active athlete since she been 5 years old. She been a swimmer, softball, and soccer play for the past 17 years of her life. So I would like to ask her about each different sport.
    • How does the sport she has done in her past have helped her in this league she is in.
    • Also why dodgeball?
    • What made her choose that instead of going to a different sport?
    • What she likes and dislikes about the sport.
    • What was a first impression of dodgeball and how has it changed since playing in the sport.
    • What she hopes to get out of this experience?


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