Fieldnotes Assignment


I sat down in the bleachers to watch the next game. This game was between the blue team and green team. We are in a roller rink in this community center in New Jersey. The blue and green both have a mix of diverse teammates. Some seem that they have the skills to truly play, while others signed up to just have some fun. Maybe also to release stress after having a 9 to 5 job or to try in a way stay in shape. In the stands, you had other teams watching the match as well as friends and family around. They are cheering on their love ones in such a silly game, but shows to me that they care and will do anything for the person they are cheering on. When a ball hits the wall every time for the first couple of times, I tend to jump. I see others doing the same exact thing. Even though we know that that’s going to happen, you forgot about it after a while. The score keeps going back and forth throughout the game. The team must go through 13 Rounds. Getting to the 13th round, it is a nerve-wracking game. Each team has their skills. They have the players  who are amazing and have their weaker players. go whistle finally close on the last game and both teams are off. They all run to the middle of the line. Green Team gets an advantage by getting the most balls on their side first. They stepped backwards and set up. They countdown to 1 and throws the balls at The Blue Team.  When it happened, they got only two Blue player is out. The Blue Team decides to do the the same exact thing the green team did and they only get one player out. Green Team member throws the ball back at the Blue Team and catches it. That meant that one  Green Team member is out and a Blue Team member could come back in. The Green Team was now then down to 4 players and the Blue Team has 5 players. Out of a lucky hit, the Blue Team gets out on two more Green Team members. One of the Blue Team’s members nearly dodges a ball coming his way by doing a Matrix like dodge. The whole bench screamed when that happened. With that happening,  the Blue Team used the distraction to take out one more Green Team player. It comes down to 3 Blue Team players and three Green Team players.  The Green Team countdowns and throws the ball but miss hitting anyone. The Blue Team  immediately fired back and gets the last three members of the Green Team out. The fans went wild and you hear some cheers and you hear some groans in sadness. As good sportsmanship is shown, each team and referee lines up to say great game. After that everyone parts for a night including myself.



It is very interesting watching all different people playing dodgeball. I don’t think that I could go out there at all I get terrified so easily when flying objects are coming towards me. It is weird for me to say that because throughout my childhood I was very active in sports. I did softball lacrosse and field hockey throughout my life. It wasn’t until going into college that I stopped. I can handle 3 Sports one and I can handle a dog while coming to my face. I like to help people really enjoyed the sport. People truly get into the game so much. I X this is a little scary but I understand why they do. This is probably the first and  1 of the only times that these people can get away from everything that’s going on in their lives one person I meant was a mom who had her family watching her play. They all showed up to give their wife and mother support. She said that was one of her favorite things in life. Even when I was watching my friend I was cheering her on or laughing at her when the ball hit her in the face one time. I felt I felt that I was getting this kind of Rush throughout the games watching them this was an eye-opening experience watching all different games. I noticed that I was on the edge of my seat. Each game was fun and exciting. You never know who would be the winner. I’m hoping next time that I go to a game, i get involved and even more excited as much as I do with other sport I watch.

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